October 24th, 2005


Oh noes

I think I'm getting sick. o__o; My throat hurts and I've been coughing all morning and I'm really tired...

And it's cold and raining outside. D: I think I'm going to skip English class...I don't think we're doing anything important today, and I've already finished the assignment we're no doubt going to take the whole class discussing. Instead I'm going to have a one hour nap, because it's only October and I don't want to get any worse.

Classes I've missed so far this semester:

Ancient Philosophy- 3 (because I couldn't wake up on time...I don't think I missed anything though O_o)

Biology- 1 (and apparently it was cut short due to a power failure anyway)

Statistics- 2 (one of them because I was too busy finding and filling out the withdrawal form)

I don't feel too good about it, but at least I'm still on track with everything.

But I'm still going to Biology and club today. And tomorrow I have my History midterm...
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Bad Day


On second thought, I'm skipping club too. It's like a friggin hurricane outside, with giant puddles forming all over campus and strong wind, I don't want to go outside anymore than I have to. Which is for dinner, and that's it.

Just one hour of sleep went a long way, though. At least my throat doesn't hurt as much. Right now I'm drinking the last of my grapefruit juice. I should go to bed earlier, too. I have half a day tomorrow to study for my midterm. (Ugghh, I have my other Biology midterm on Wednesday too...)

...Randomly, I've found that I can draw the Xing characters better than anyone else in FMA. Well, restored!Al, too. It's a pity I can't draw armor!Al without turning him into a demented robot...

EDIT: Oh yeah, I got 90% on my quiz in Biology today. Woot.
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