October 5th, 2005



Okay everyone, just to let you know, I am not a leader type. Not at all. And yet I've taken it upon myself to create two communities, both of which have about 50 members (at this moment).

I've already felt like bashing my head into the desk a couple of times tonight, because I don't know if I'll handle things right and I'm paranoid whether people will think I'm too strict/annoying/inconsistant/etc. I try my best, you know, but still...not a leader type. So if you see me doing something weird....please let me know. As soon as possible. I hate it whenever I screw things up. o_o;

*ahem* Yeah, that's all I have to say. *gets back to whatever it was she was doing*

EDIT: Btw, has anyone noticed this person goddess_emily on fm_alchemist? She's, ah...something. She annoys me in that she has many of my pet peeves when it comes to American anime fans, but at the same time she amuses me because you can see that she is obviously annoying many other people as well. :D; It's not like she's doing anything wrong other than being off topic a lot, but... XD; I dunno, I find myself giggling in a strange way whenever I see her comments. Just hope she doesn't stumble onto my journal, since she seems to have found Kirsten's. O.o;;