October 2nd, 2005


Fandom post of the day

No, I didn't get anything done on my fanfic. >_>; I'm still thinking things through with the second half, actually.

Anyway, here's an open question: Do you think it would be considered wanky if I started a manga-only FMA community?

I've been thinking about it for a while, because the fandom can get confusing sometimes with two (or more) canons to choose from or mix together, and sometimes it's hard to find fanworks that just follows the manga (believe me, I've looked- most things go by anime canon). And miki05 was talking to me today about how she was going to take fm_alchemist off her flist because the anime was over and she was only interested in manga releases. Wouldn't it be easier to have a community where the manga stuff could be kept in one place?
Of course, the rules would ban any anime-bashing so it wouldn't alienate anyone and start wank (basically, if you don't have anything nice to say, keep it in your own journal). And no manga-bashing, of course.
I won't be biased with who posts scanlations either (that means OMGWTFBBQ is welcome to announce their releases also ;). People can cross-post as much as they want. Yaoi, het, yuri- all of it is welcome as long as it sticks to manga canon.

But what I'm wondering is if anyone would think it's wanky if I advertised to fm_alchemist for example, since the manga-only community would be designed to simply be an extension of it, just centered around one aspect of the fandom.

So...good idea?
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The shower is clean now. But the drain is broken. >/ "We're going to call maintenance in the morning," says they. So I borrowed someone else's shower and NOW I FEEL CLEAN YAY! But up till then I didn't go outside the whole day because I felt absolutely disgusting. So I've barely eaten anything. >_>;

But YES! I talked to the RA at last. >D She says she'll talk with them, but can't do much since it's after the fact (BUT I TRIED CONTACTING YOU WHEN IT WAS HAPPENING GAAHHH), but I mentioned the evidence we caught on film. I also mentioned the damages to the bathroom so Brittany and I won't get charged with it, and all the other problems we've been having with them. And I got the RA's contact info.

So...I guess all I have to do is wait now.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I am rather annoyed with billypilgrim at the moment for taking the name fma_manga and NOT EVEN USING IT. And I don't feel like asking because I don't want him as a maintainer, after the huge wank at fm_alchemist. >>; So instead we have hagaren_manga. :/ It's not open for posting at the moment though, not until I get things set up. (And I won't have much free time until Thursday...)