September 14th, 2005

Ashita he

Speaking of anime...

CSakuraS: ....yeah, I really need to show you Doraemon. XD some of it is pure crack. konyaku that makes you speak Chinese~
Japan 44gou: WTF? XDDD
CSakuraS: I think it was called "honyaku konyaku." eat it and you can speak any language you want...
CSakuraS: it's like a Babelfish, only edible.
Japan 44gou: XDDD

And to add more content to this post, I'll talk about Noir! We started watching it at Anime Club last week and I was very much disappointed in it (TOO MANY FLASHBACKS ARGH). But today, it started getting interesting. After like...episode 6. Things were actually happening for once, and I finally started caring about the characters and how they reacted to certain events. And the settings were lovely. Here's hoping the quality doesn't drop again!

EDIT: Brittany is awesome in that I can actually stand her music.

EDIT 2: ...Omg. When I go home for break I'm going to rewatch all my Conan videos. DD:
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