September 10th, 2005

Swallow J00!

My Day

Had classes. Moved into new room. It's not as big as the first one, but I have privacy, there's no TV to annoy me, I have nothing to do with those girls' lives now, and I don't have to use headphones as much anymore.

After that mom and I went to this 'Japanese' restaurant (yet another steak house) to eat, and as usual, held whispered conversations in Japanese while the cook spoke to the other customers with a Chinese accent. (Some of our nitpicking: 'Miso' soup was served in tea bowls, and salad was served in miso soup bowls. The miso soup itself doesn't have any miso in it, just like in every other 'Japanese' steak house.) But the food was still good and I have leftovers. :)

Attended some Family Weekend activities. Came back to my new room and watched Yakitate Japan, then mom left for the hotel. Tomorrow we're going shopping for various stuff.

Then looked over fanart entries for the contest with Kirsten. My favorite is a sketch that has Arakawa looking homicidal with a machine gun (and much more awesome stuff, but that's the best part).

Then Brittany came back. At fricking midnight. She's going to work at 7 in the morning tomorrow. And she has all morning classes and works the rest of the day. ...Wow, that's a lot of privacy. :O
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I think therefore I am female


Mom finally taught me how to write in Japanese! :D

みて!私日本語で書ける! これでもっと練習できるぞおおおおおおおおおお!
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