September 8th, 2005


More post-movie fic...

Wtf, man. I wanted that fic to be a one shot and now I'm writing a sequel. Have NO idea where this is going, so I'll just go with the ideas. I might have to change the title too if it gets any longer...

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MORE post-movie fic!!

GASP. The ideas keep on coming!!

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I am so renaming this after it's finished.

EDIT: Isn't it sad that this is technically my first canon EdWin-themed fanfic and yet it's like THIS...
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Real life stuff

Crap, so it's come to this again, huh? >.< I really want to take a shower but I can't because I have nothing to I have to go to Statistics feeling dirty and wearing old, mismatched clothes.
Things to do today:

-Statistics homework
-take out the trash
-read Simulacra files
-perhaps finally call/email my family (I bet they all must hate me) food...

-write rough draft of English paper (10% of grade holy crap no RPing today)

Oh yeah. Explanation for what happened to Dante: Collapse )
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Drinkin&#39; some tea

Update on the move

I don't know what the hell is going on. We went to the Housing Department yesterday and apparently they can't do anything, we have to talk to the Hall Director. But the RA said she already told the Hall Director that we wanted to don't know, but Kelly persuaded me to start moving tomorrow.
Laundry will have to come AFTER History and dinner. All I've eaten so far today is half a cup of cereal.

...Yes, for the past few days I've been living off one meal a day. It doesn't bother me so much anymore, only a few hunger pangs once in a while. I guess you could see it as fasting, except I'm not religious and I'm not eating merely because it takes more time out of my day and my single bowl isn't big enough to make ramen.

MOM, IF YOU'RE READING THIS, PLEASE BRING ME BIG BOWLS WHEN YOU COME.....tomorrow? Wait, Family Weekend starts on FRIDAY? .....Yay now mom could help me move the furniture!!! :D
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