September 6th, 2005


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....Dammit, I wish we'd just gone to the Housing Department on Sunday. >(( Jeez, I have CLASSES. And this weekend I'll be busy too because it's Family Weekend and mom is coming over and I have no TIME to move....

And I have like a heap of laundry. But no time. I still have to get to the computer lab today and tomorrow will be BUSY and I'll be going to a proper Anime Club meeting for the first time...

On the other hand, thank god Chapter 51 will be coming out next week when I don't have English classes. ♥
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College days. :/

My roommate has a TV now. Things have just gotten worse. >___< WHEN am I going to be able to move?!? And I have to say, I've never watched it properly before, but now that I'm practically FORCED to because it's only a few feet from my desk and on constantly, even when my roommate's out somewhere, I HATE MTV. Oh god. My brain is melting.

Am doing English homework now. Teh suck. D: Maybe I should just make it a rule that I'm on hiatus on RPGs during weekdays or something...

And I need a printer, omg. I really, really need one. I wasn't able to go to the computer lab today, gonna try in the morning if I manage to wake up before Ancient Philosophy, and hope that there's not a class in there.

I want to go to sleep. D: I also need more frappuccino for the fridge. And at this point the only reason I want to see the FMA movie is because it'll give me something to watch, I'm so bored.
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