August 31st, 2005


I am so procrastinating on English

For those on my flist who know Chinese:


How do you pronounce that???

EDIT: Omg I can recognize some of those characters. The first one means "snow." The third one is "stone." Hahaha I'm not completely useless with kanji~!

EDIT 2: And this? 玉

...I should NOT be getting inspired for one of my more obscure original story ideas when I should be STUDYING!!! >___
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Ashita he


I think I'll have time to RP tomorrow.

Things to catch up on:

Chomo- Chrono and Winry.
Sorting Hat- Sai.
Epithmo- Kino.
...that's it?

Depending on how I do tomorrow I'll decide whether I need to drop one...*sigh*
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