August 28th, 2005

I think therefore I am female


I just came back from an Open House and Dessert Reception at the President's house (president of the college, that is). I have to say that I suck at these formal things, but I got an invitation. And for some reason (perhaps because it felt like I'd been invited to the Slug Club) I decided to go.
The house was just...beautiful. There were these huge trees outside so obviously the neighborhood had been there for a while. Sure enough, the interior of the house was also beautiful and old-fashioned, with silver plates and china and carpets and oil paintings and a piano and old furniture and ancient books in wooden cabinets. The yard had tents set up and a chocolate fountain. The trees were, as I said, huge, and I had to stand there for a minute looking up in awe. Beautiful. They must have had that house for a few generations. And would you look at that, all the servants were African American. How Southern. -__-;
I ate cake and had some awkward conversations with some fellow students, a British lady, the head of the History department, the President and his wife, and a Psychology professor who also had his Asian wife and infant son with him. I had to explain my major more than a few times, and soon it went from "English-with-a-concentration-in-Creative-Writing" to "I'm trying to decide between English and History." I heard the Psychology professor's wife, Mina Gibbons, speak in Japanese to her son, so I asked her, "Nihonjin desuka?" Behold, I was right.
More conversation. I explain my situation with my mother and why I'm fluent, and she says that she wants to raise her son that way too, but since she's always working it's been difficult. But meeting me gave her hope, she said. :) Apparently she teaches at a Japanese school in Newport News too, and she gave me her business card in case I want to meet people or help out at the school.

So I guess it was a good thing I went. Now maybe I can have help in getting a friggin Japanese language program here, and if not, I can volunteer at the school or something and improve that way.
And now I will go do more laundry and homework. Guess I can't go to Einstein's Cafe today either. Maybe next weekend...*sigh*
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