August 23rd, 2005


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OMG I can't wait until my history class tonight. O_O I seriously CAN'T WAIT! Come on...a World History class. COLLEGE LEVEL. It is going to be SOOOO AWESOME. And if not I will cry. D: Statistics is just in the waaaay~ I'm going to be drooling over my text book until 5:30 which is far too late in the day. T___T

...In other news, my roommate was just groaning about having to read 38 pages for Ancient Philosophy.

...*SIGH* At least it wasn't FIVE CHAPTERS assigned for homework, you know?! There are even cartoons on the pages! "I've never read that much in my life!" -__-;;

EDIT: I'm also uber excited about the Goblet of Fire movie. I've been watching the trailer over and over again. I LOVE IT SO EPIC. ♥
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    Goblet of Fire trailer ROCKS :O

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I'm wondering if I should change my major. Yes, it's only the second day of classes and I'm already considering that. Before I was considering being an Anthropology major if I were to go to GMU, but here I decided to go for English with a concentration in Creative Writing (quite a mouthful; I hate it when people ask because of that reason). But today in World History...the professor asked the class who was a History major? And like, only three people raised their hands. Which clearly gave the teacher the impression that the majority of the class was there for general requirements. This pissed me off. I desperately wanted to raise my hand too, to show that I cared, that I'm passionate about this subject. But no, I'm the English major. With a concentration in Creative Writing.
And the thing is, now that I'm sitting here already with a pile of English homework that I'm procrastinating on, I realize that if I go through with my major, then I'll be taking a lot of classes I find excruciating. On the other hand, if I were a History major, I'd be enjoying every minute of them.
...I could still be a writer with a History major, right? I mean...other than that, none of the careers I'm considering have that much to do with English. In fact one of those careers is that of a World History teacher. And it's not like I can't improve without taking a bazillion literature coarses. Maybe I should have History as a major and English-with-a-concentration-in-Creative-Writing as a minor, instead of the other way around? Which would be more benefitial to me?

Anyway, at the end of class I told the professor that World History is one of my favorite subjects and that I care, dammit. I participated in class a lot too, so I bet I left a good impression. :P
Statistics...I got there late. D: How embarrassing. But the Gosnold building is SO frickin confusing GAAAHHHHH. And the professor is just the WORST public speaker I have ever seen. I could teach better than that!! Half the time he sounds like he doesn't know what he's talking about......but at least the homework is easy. All we did today was make graphs.
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