August 22nd, 2005


My life as a college woman has begun...

It's not as hot today. :D

So...first class. Ancient Philosophy. It was...short. Almost dissapointingly so. The class is supposed to be from 12:00-12:50 and we ended at 12:25. D: We just went over the syllabus...which doesn't look bad at all. Seriously, this class looks easy. All I have to do is read, attend, and participate. EASY! In fact I've already finished most of my homework for the week by reading Chapter 1 of my text.

Next class is English. *shudder* Is it wrong that I'm trying to be an English/Creative Writing major and yet I dislike the subject?

First day of classes, continued

English is....ugh. I hate it already. D:

However, I think I'm going to enjoy Biology. :) Shame I only have it twice a week. Our professor is really fun. Listening to him lecture was like watching Bill Nye the Science Guy. "Why Study Biology? Chocolate!" I was seriously giggling all through the class.

And I had a lively conversation during dinner for the first time since I've come here. It was with this girl (goddammit I still can't remember her name) who ambushed me in the hall last night while I was taking out the trash, because she found out we both lived in Woodbridge, we both went to the same elementary and middle school together, etc.
So we met again at the dining hall and talked. Her friends were there too but for once I wasn't left out. :) And our interests are totally different, but she was nice and kept stressing how she wanted to concentrate on her work because she didn't do well during most of high school, and I really respect that. And I could just let myself go and talk as much as I want. That's a good sign. I shall consider her a friend. :)

Tomorrow is Statistics (D:!) and World History (:DDD)! And tonight I translate. ^^
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CSakuraS: ...someday I'm going to introduce someone to FMA through the manga only and then show them the Rewrite opening :D
Japan 44gou: WTF XD
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BEHOLD! My self-esteem!

CSakuraS: I accomplished something today!!! that's like, 10 times better than what my roommates did with their day! :D *feels proud*
Japan 44gou: MORE than ten times better!!
CSakuraS: :DD
Japan 44gou: They didn't even translate ONE page of manga!
CSakuraS: I make tons of people around the world happy with this! HahaHA!
Japan 44gou: YES!!

...I've been posting a lot recently, haven't I?
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