August 18th, 2005


Second Day

So I've kinda figured out this wireless thing. I registered to the connection but now the only problem is that my roommate and I have to share this one cord in order to connect to the other words, we have to take turns being online. The good thing about that is that it seems like she's the type to go out much more than I am.
Tomorrow I'm going to ask the IT department to help me figure out this wireless program AND to help us hook up our phone because as far as we can see there's nowhere to hook it up TO without losing our internet connection! GAH!! I seriously have no idea what's going on, I suck at technology and yet I'm the one doing all this stuff...I guess I should be glad that at least I can get online in some form.
Also, apparently tomorrow morning we have to dress up(where is the squiggly mark thing, I can't find it on my keyboard!). So I'll be taking a shower after I finish writing this...and then maybe I'll get on AIM if Marie isn't back from wherever the hell she's going now. It seems she and the girls in the other room have already become GREAT friends...and it's only the second day. Huh.
Me, on the other hand...well, one of the girls who share our bathroom (from the other room next to ours)- her name is Kelly -her roommate is gone a lot so we went to eat dinner together and talked. She's quiet too, so for once I was the one initiating conversation. And...what the hell, am I the only one in this Learning Community who joined it because I wanted to?! It's so frustrating, I feel like the only intellectual person on this floor. Marie's barely looked at her text books; I've almost finished Chapter 1 of Looking at Philosophy. So am I disappointed? ...A little, yeah. I need to meet more people before I can be totally disappointed. I must be optimistic!
Just don't expect me to join the girls in their pedicures and 'let's paint nails omg!!'
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Today at the Case Studies session I learned that the IT people will be monitoring our computers. They're looking out for porn sites and 'illegal' download sites such as Kazaa. And apparently burning a CD with music obtained illegally from the internet = violating University policy.
Which leaves me wondering...will I get in trouble for downloading mp3s from fansites and livejournal? For downloading manga scans? For burning CDs with any sort of media obtained from the internet?? I don't know what it means, but suddenly I'm rather scared...they're watching me...
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