August 9th, 2005

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Here's my list of things to do today. I won't be around tomorrow either, and Thursday/Friday will probably be taken up by translating Chapter 50 and shopping for more college stuff. So don't expect me to be online much. >__<;

-eat brunch
-email CNU
-call Dad about Family Weekend
-take a shower
-finish Chapter 4
-write something Aqua Tears (??)
-figure out how to use this goddamned digital camera
-write a letter to Kirsten
-try calling roommate again

I'll also be getting a haircut tonight, which will take even more time out of my day. That's right, my beautiful waist-long hair is going bye-bye. T__T I'll be donating it again, and also it's just more practical when I'll be in college, me being so picky with my shampoo.
And since tomorrow is my last Writer's Group meeting, Victoria Lynne requested that I "bring in something Aqua Tears." I don't know what I'm going to do with this. I'm going to have a hard enough time concentrating on writing Nelly today, and I'm SO not inspired for Aqua Tears lately...maybe I'll just revise a previous chapter and bring it in, which shouldn't be so hard.
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Wooooaaaaahhh...this feels weird.

Shoulder-length hair... O___o

I hope whoever gets the other ten inches is happy!
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I finally understand.

WTF. So apparently shame and humiliation leads to enlightenment. Listening to music and angsting over a can of C.C.Lemon, I realized my problem regarding the Masks of Destiny story.
Besides the obvious- it's been years since I've started, naturally my tastes and interests have changed. But mainly, in the process of writing it, the content drifted so far away from my original inspiration that I no longer feel it in my heart. In my youth and inexperience, I twisted the idea into something I don't recognize.
My inspiration was my 8th grade World History class. That was the year I fell in love with ancient history and culture. Our teacher was, to say the least, passionate about the subject, and that meant videos. I sat in that classroom, enthralled at the images of crumbling old temples and magnificent palaces belonging to dead civilizations.
My original idea: What would it feel like to step inside one of these old temples, where thousands of years ago people fought and bled and died for a long-forgotten cause? What if there was a ghost, who is awakened, who becomes aware of what has come to pass? That they died for nothing? What would this ghost do? Who is this ghost? And what if this ghost was given another chance to change things, to change the world to their liking?
THAT is Aqua Tears. THAT is my story. And somehow all this unnecessary crap has seeped in. Even if other people like it, all I see are mistakes. I am going to rewrite this thing completely, so that it matches my original vision. Forget all the sequels, this will be a SINGLE novel. I might even cut Kyra out if I have to. She's not important, Aqua Tears is.
MY story, MY way.
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