August 8th, 2005

I think therefore I am female

I am not a maid!!!

You can tell I really like an anime when I show it to my mom. This time, it was Victorian Romance Emma (you know, the series I've been obsessing about over the past few days). And I think I've found another winner. :)
We started watching at episode 3 (I'd shown her the first two some months ago) and stopped at episode 6; at once she was commenting about how pretty the animation was. (A clue to whether my mom likes something: she starts talking about it.) She also complained about how slow it was at one point, but otherwise it was pretty positive.
Even after we'd finished watching, she kept mumbling about how mean William's father was. Some other post-show comments:

Mom (mimicing Mrs. Stowner): "Pour me some tea, Cynthia. Don't forget the scones!"

Mom: "You should do more chores like Emma."
Me: "But I'm not a maid. Are you going to pay me? >("
(This was after I'd spent most of the afternoon doing chores, mind you.)

Current desktop image is Mrs. Trollope because she's just that awesome. She reminds me of Nelly.
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