August 2nd, 2005



So I finally got my roommate info! My roommate's name is Marie and she's from Stafford, VA. :D Aaand so far all I can say is that 'Marie' has always been one of my favorite names...which really has nothing to do with anything, but it's a cool coincidence. xD There's a phone number so I can contact far I haven't. Because I'm a wuss. If she doesn't call first, then I will this evening. Yup.
I hope she's nice. :) And I hope she has AIM. I'm no good on the phone.

I also saw the movie National Treasure today. Half the time I kept telling myself it was bullshit but still the history-lover in me was enthralled and it was pretty exciting. It was like The Da Vinci Code, only I've been to most of these places. Hee.

EDIT: This is what our room looks like. Second floor, not bad.


Can anyone tell me why two times today, I look down to discover that an ant is crawling on me. Now I can't sit still for five minutes without checking that my body is bug-free.

Now excuse me while I go pull weeds in the yard. -__-
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