July 26th, 2005

Teh Evil


ARRGGGHHH I was SO not planning on joining sortinghat_rp but...but...I got an idea and I...

There. >_> I think I've played a character from most of my favorite fandoms now. I'm hoping that he won't get TOO active since he's not a student, so... But it'll be fun. ^_^

And Epithmo is starting soon, apparently. :O And I'm getting active in Chomo again! So much RP-age WAHHHH!!!
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Guess what? I finished Chapter 3!! And you know what, I am really happy with how it turned out. ^____^ I guess it WAS a good thing I didn't present it last week, because now it's so much better! Can't wait to read it tonight and see how everyone reacts~!

OMG now comes the GOOD stuff. 8D

EDIT: WTF, I thought today was Wednesday!! O_O I'm losing track of time! But that means....I finished this chapter early...which means...I can start on Chapter 4 today. O_o Wowww...
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