July 10th, 2005

Dreams of a writer

I am teh accomplished... *dies*

OMFG I actually finished translating this thing in less than one day.....of course the fact that it's only 37 pages (36 excluding the cover) and is action-packed was helpful.
Oh god I so don't want to do the PS2 game preview thingy. D: No one cares, right?? All it is was the Mary Sue's angsty past and Ed getting stabbed randomly at the end!

I'm going to wake up in about 6 more hours to revise it like hell...then it's all up to Kirsten and whether she can finish editing by the time she has to leave. *crosses fingers*
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Well...I certainly didn't expect we'd get that scanlation done on Sunday instead of Friday. At least I have that out of the way, I guess.
I spent most of today cleaning my room. I'm burned out on translating at the moment so I think I'll just read and RP tonight...
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