June 30th, 2005


Even MORE RPG rambling!

So...we have a Rosette at Chomolangma now. SO GREAT! Now I feel like I can keep Chrono a little more IC. :D And I love the history that we came up for them. True to canon and yet still realistic. :O AND TEH ANGST OMGZ.
Everything Sarah writes for Rosette is making me tear up. ;__; Chrono and Rosette have such a bittersweet relationship, I can't wait to do some RPing. And it's so refreshing because I only picked up Winry for the 'What If?' situations, but I've never played Chrono before, so it feels totally new. :D

...And I'm amused by the fact that for the first time, I'm playing more male characters than female characters. XD And they're all so different, too~

Now I'm going to spend the rest of the night reading Chrono Crusade fanfiction!
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My internet was out until just about ten minutes ago so I spent the afternoon rewatching episode 238 and 239 of Detective Conan. :/ The animation was sucky of course, but I'm still impressed that they managed to find four American VA's who could speak Japanese for those roles...(That is, four American VA's in the Japanese version who could speak both English and Japanese.) I wonder what Kirsten would think of scanlating some of the Conan manga? o.o

...So Jeshi left Mugenjou, huh? And meanwhile Chomolangma has exploded overnight...

EDIT: WHAT?! No one's scanlated the Ray Curtis case yet?!? But...but that's like some of the best character development for Conan ever... O_O
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Who's the parent in this relationship???

I feel like the whole day's been wasted. >_> Wake up, watch a video, catch up on RPGs and flist, eat brunch, then mom comes home and starts whining AGAIN about where to go for vacation.
We don't have MONEY to go on a vacation! And even if we do decide to get a little wasteful, then I wish she'd be more realistic! "I want to go to France!" *__* NO, WE CAN'T!!
Gah, I feel so frugal when I'm talking about this with her! >.< Sure, there's LOT'S of places I want to go- England, Scotland, Japan, Big Sur, New Zealand, the Middle East when it's safer- but not this summer!!! Not in another two years probably!! And DEFINETLY not this WEEKEND!
And when we do get realistic......I do not want to go to West Virginia. -__- Nor do I want to go to Maine. She suggested going South. South, as in East Coast South??? HELL NO. Unless it's New Orleans or something. And then she's all "EWWWW HOT AND HUMID!" D: And then she says San Antonio! IF WE CAN GO TO SAN ANTONIO, WHY NOT SANTA FE? "But going to Santa Fe wouldn't feel like a vacation..." But we can't afford a vacation!! "If I don't go on vacation this summer, I'm going to go crazy!"
...And I don't want to go to the beach, either. >_> I am not a nautical person. My choices are Philadelphia and maybe New York, and Santa Fe if we can waste that much. And I STILL want to go see those museums in DC before I go off to college!
So...basically we're both being picky as hell about this. At this rate I really doubt we will go on vacation, which is fine with me, except for the fact that she won't stop WHINING. And I just wasted about an hour reading the Travel section of the newspaper only to find that the places I want to go are the places I CAN'T go. ...*sigh*
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