June 13th, 2005

Ashita he

A different kind of translation!

So...Scar is currently high on crack and typing with only half of his keyboard. Here's what he's TRYING to say! :D

"aagggggg craf!!!1" = Aahhhhhh crap!!!!

"a byt freaceffyed ryte vaw!!!11111!!!!1111111weeeeeeeeeeeeeee" = A bit preoccupied right now!!! (Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee.)

"vy vade es vat scar ets dartf vader" = My name is not Scar, it's Darth Vader!

"ed y vaz yer fatfer fafafafafafafafa@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@1!" = Ed, I am your father! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

Thank you, and goodnight. u_u
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For those who IMed me last night/this morning, sorry I didn't answer....I was asleep.
I was downloading the Getbackers OSTs and they were taking forever and I just thought I'd close my eyes for a bit....and I just woke up a few minutes ago. #O_O#

Oh shoot. I left the lights on all night. There go the electric bills...

EDIT: ...I think I'm going to start avoiding the f-a.com forums again. It makes me feel bad about myself.
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RE: Nadia eps 13-16 (Contains vague spoilers?)

Wow......this show is INCREDIBLE.

Episode 13- at first I thought this would be fun filler, but it ends on such a serious, angsty note. O_O

Episode 14- SANSON OMG <333 I love how he and Grandis are developing, I never thought I'd be fangirling him but how he reacted to Marie getting sick was so touching. T__T

Episode 15- Oh gee...Gargoyle, that was harsh. What a painful way to end the episode...I was staring at the screen in shock for five minutes.

Episode 16- I love how they designed Atlantis. It's beautiful. Okay, not really, but really creative and fitting and WOW. ...So many deep themes in this.

*looks at DVD box cover* "...one of the greatest shows ever made."

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Ashita he


WTF? I'm listening to the second Getbackers OST right now and near the end there are these drama things by the seiyuu...I can understand most of it but I have no idea what the context is...I'm confused...from what I can tell Kazuki and Juubei got their village destroyed and Kazuki's father died because someone fried his brains...and Juubei wants to get revenge and leaves Kazuki so he could get stronger.
And now I'm listening to the next part (Shuugyou Hen). Juubei fights Ban and Ginji, but they fight with...gags? WTF???? And Ban and Ginji are telling Juubei that they learned their gag techniques from Akabane.....



EDIT 2: ...That was insane. O_______O INSANE!!!
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