June 12th, 2005

Ashita he

Some random thoughts from 1 in the morning

I just realized...my flist is no longer dominated by mugenjou_high posts. O.O

Right now I'm conversing with the enemy! And sending her Kino eps! OH NOES~!

Those ants never give up, do they? >/ They keep finding new ways to get into the kitchen...

I need to get Winry interacting with more people in Chomolangma. D: I've only RPed with Keely and Naru so far...and I need to sort out Chrono's history and background so I could do more with him. :/ And I SWEAR, I haven't forgotten about Squidapeely! It just needs to be a weekday before I can post as Giovanni again...

Maybe I could do some writing tomorrow. Maybe. I'm just glad that I got all my priority things done today.
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My morning routine thus far:

Wake up.
Check email.
Pop in a Nadia DVD.
Eat breakfast and fold laundry while watching.

Speaking of which, I'm really enjoying the Nadia anime right now. The first DVD was just fun, the second one was depressing and dark, and the third one I watched this morning was fun again. I love Hanson <3. And I like Grandis' background, it suits her.
The show has really surprised me so far; it's made me laugh and cry and gasp. Even though it's like 16 years old, I quickly got over its age and fell for the story and characters. About the only thing that annoys me right now is how they keep teasing us about Nadia's past. I can already guess what it is, but come on...it seems like everyone but Nadia herself knows who she is. And I thought she wanted to know about her past- why doesn't she ask anyone?!

So anyway, now I'm going to get the translation thing done. After that all I can do is wait for Kirsten to finish her essay and come back online. Meanwhile I'll work on the rest of my story~!

....I will ALSO finally fix my "determined" mood icon! I WILL!! >E
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HAHAHA I KNEW WE'D WIN! >DD ...But it was too close. We're slipping up, Kirsten!! >E THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED! Okay, so it was mostly my fault.

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Anyway, scanlation should be posted in an hour or so, depending on when Kirsten gets her internet back. :/

EDIT: Apparently now we have a friendly anonymous stalker named Nao. :D
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Ashita he


So...I was looking through Chapter 48 for pics I can use in my mood theme and...

WTF?? She's not even slouching this time!! :O
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