May 20th, 2005


Some more fandom-related things...

You know, I really can't understand some Ed fangirls.

I mean, I'm an Ed fangirl myself. But mainly because I like his character- how he looks, how he acts, his personality, strengths and weaknesses, etc. I don't go around saying "OMG HES MINE WINRY SHOULD DIE I WANT TO MARRY HIM LOLOL!!11" O___o; That's just...creepy. He's a fictional character for crying out loud!

Also, after reading the English manga, I still can't help but think it would have been hot if Ed's dub voice had a British accent. I like Vic okay, but.....gawd. British!Ed would be so much cooler than American!Ed, IMO. XD; Especially for when he's being all sneaky-devious. Or maybe I'm just weird.
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