May 19th, 2005

Bad Day

Greetings from Desktop Publishing class.

God, what the heck is an old guy like this subbing for a computer class? Especially with all the loud black guys sitting around me... -__-; No one can barely hear what he's saying and he doesn't even know how to turn one of these on.
Anyway, I still feel like crap. I let my hair down today and am wearing a long-sleeved shirt AND a sweater, but the school is still freezing. Right now I just want to drink grapefruit juice and sleep, but nooooo I still have to study for that test today. Ugh.
Ah well. Tomorrow is Friday. Things will get better.

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Bad Day

the post in which I whine a lot

SHIT. I came home just when they were spraying the mosquito repellant outside. I tried not to breath anything in, but...

And on top of that I'm sleepy, I have a fever, my throat hurts, I'm cold, I have a runny nose, and my period just started during French class.

And I think I failed my math test.

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