May 9th, 2005

Bad Day

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I feel so....whiny. And I just want to avoid any trouble. I don't want to be difficult but maybe I am. ...I don't know. I wish it never happened.

Okay, NOW I'm going to bed.

EDIT: Shit, please don't tell me I made it worse. Oh god...

EDIT 2: Tomorrow, I'm going to daydream about the Chomolanga RPG and Ban/Winry. That is all.

EDIT 3: ...Stupid math lab. I hope I passed that stupid test. >_>
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Ashita he

I just realized this is really pathetic.

Okay, so in a sudden change of pace I'm going to try and be OPTIMISTIC for the rest of today!! I need to get some things done! I need to be productive! I need to......I need to stay in this room because the rest of the house smells!

...I need more cheerful music. -__-

EDIT: Wtf? I have a cut on my finger? I didn't notice that this morning...

EDIT 2: ...That's a pretty big cut... O_O

EDIT 3: As long as I'm trying to remain optimistic, I suppose I should be thankful I wasn't in the kitchen when it happened, or I would have a hundred burning shards of glass embedded in my body and would likely be dying in an emergency room by now. :/

EDIT 4: Yes, turns out the casserole platter was actually made of glass, not plastic, and this is actually a burnt-glass smell, not a burnt-plastic smell. I feel kinda stupid now.
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I'm posting so much because I can.

Mom came home early. Apparently the glass melted onto the linoleum floor so we have to get a new one...

I've never felt so happy to not have glass in my eyes. O__O

EDIT: Crap. So when we finally do fight, it's not about the state of the kitchen. Well I'm sorry mom, but I can't get anything done if I'm friggin depressed either.
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