April 9th, 2005

I think therefore I am female

I need an amused icon. :/

Watched the second FMA DVD tonight with mom~! I think this was the second time she's seen these episodes since I started forcing the series on her sometime last February, and back then she was still really skeptical about it, so it was fun seeing her reactions to them again. She laughed a lot more this time. :) Though not during episodes 7 and 8, of course.
Also I got to thinking about manga stuff, and this scene popped into my head... (And I'm writing this as I go along, so excuse me if it's not as good as my usual work. x_x)

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Why are Chapter 46 scans coming out NOW?! O_O I still need to take a shower and I'm going to see the cherry blossoms tomorrow and I need to study for my math test because it's 60% of my grade....

BUT STILL IT'S BETTER THAN DURING A WEEKDAY!! >O I really hope the rest of the raws come out today and.....omg, Winry breaks my heart. T___T Now I'm wondering whether Mugenjou!Winry's reaction was too understated....NEED MORE NOW!!!

...Heh, a ton of movie news has appeared at the same time, but I'm still more excited about the manga. :/ Al looks so weird.

Also, this anime intrigues me... Victorian romance anime? I MUST CHECK IT OUT.
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Ashita he


...Is there something wrong with me? I still don't get how everyone else is fangirling over "cosplay!Al"... I don't like it. I mean he kinda loses his appeal when he's just immitating someone else...he's not Al anymore. And for crying out loud, I don't remember him EVER grinning like that before!

I want the real Alphonse back. :( Now HE was cute.

(Referring to this.)
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