March 30th, 2005


Back to business -__-

Not going to Writer's Group today. Have to finish my French project and read Heart of Darkness (speaking of which, how stupid is it to give us all of Spring Break to read Part 1, then expect us to finish Part 2 and 3 in just two days?!).

...I get the feeling that I'm never going to get my FMA DVD back...
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Dreams of a writer


I really need to figure out how to write in Japanese characters on the computer...

Eeetto, sakki nashi wo tabemashita. Totemo amakute oishikatta~! Natsukashii naa... Demo kekkou oukikute kekkyoku zembu taberarenakata. Dakara kaasan ni kiite shio mizu ni tsukete reezouko ni iretoita. Ashita mo taberu ki dakedo chairoku natteinakkatara iina...

Maa, tonikaku mata fransu-go no benkyou da ze!!!

Question: How do you make poster board when you don't have poster board???
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