March 23rd, 2005


Another day...

Well, being depressed did me no good either way, so I succumbed to AIM and the RPG.
Which turned out to be a good thing. Distracted me, yes, but also cheered me up. And having Izumi beat the crap out of Ed was pretty refreshing. :)
Not to mention having an intelligent conversation regarding alchemy helped boost my creativity a little. THANK YOU, KIRSTEN~!!

So yes. Hopefully I can do better tomorrow. :)
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Ashita he


I got this via the Woodbridge Writers mailing list, and decided to share it with the rest of my flist.

Collapse )

In other news, rainy days are good. :) I came up with more ideas during my shower, which is also good. So I'll be taking what I have so far (which isn't much, admittedly) to Writer's Group tonight.
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