February 28th, 2005

Ashita he


It's a winter wonderland outside, and it's still snowing!! Wow, for a while I was almost convinced that we'd have not one snow day this school year, and then POW, three in a row! At this rate we'll probably have at least a two-hour delay tomorrow.
Meanwhile I am still trying to finish reading Jazz, which I should have done about a week ago. Which sucks, because I only got 8 out of 20 questions correct on the test in English, and normally those kinds of tests are really easy for me- except I forgot to read the damn book!!! >< I think I'm slipping in my grades again, REALITY SLAP PLEASE!!!

One other note: Chrono Crusade is an awesome show. THANK YOU Anime Network!!
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I think therefore I am female

Concerning colleges...

I'm trying to make a decision here as to which college would better suit my needs and goals. I'd appreciate it anyone gives me their opinion, though if not, that's fine because this is also to help organize my thoughts.
So far I've been admitted to Christopher Newport University and George Mason University. I also applied to James Madison, but I haven't heard back from them yet and don't really care because that's my least favorite of the three.
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OR I could go into the military because that's what my mom's threatening these days, though of course that would disrupt everything that I've been planning for my future and literally ruin my life.
Any advice?

EDIT: You know on second thought, wherever I go I'll probably be living there, because mom and I can't stand each other anymore and I need to get some life experience. So suddenly the state of the residence quarters are very important to me. -__-; As well as what I can do around there.
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