February 19th, 2005

Ashita he

Today is a GOOD day! (big post of doom!)

Back from Katsucon! :D I got to meet everyone, and yes, I was able to act like myself, and yes, I had a fun time! The convention itself wasn't the most interesting thing in the world (Otakon is better), but the people I was with more than made up for it. :)
I also bought a few stuff that ended up costing me $45 (in total, Keely >P); to be more specific, the FMA manga calendar, a Kino badge, and a Kino key holder thingy. I was really excited to finally find some Kino merchandise, after thinking that the only time I'd ever get to see any would be in Japan. So far I am LOVING the badge (I put it on my purse strap! ^^) and have yet to find a use for the key holder, but hey, it looks cool.
The calendar was pretty expensive ($24), especially considering I already have a 2005 calendar (ancient maps of the world~), but once I got home to open it...wow. It also came with this letter and envelope set, and the illustrations are so pretty and the paper quality is awesome. Even my mom thought it was worth the money.
Oh yeah, I have a cell phone now! While I was away mom went and bought a new one. So together with my digital camera I suddenly feel so tech-savvy! XD; And after Katsucon, we went to find a place to eat dinner, and mom tried taking me to this one Italian restaurant, but on the way we also came across a Lebanonian restaurant. I was really skeptical at first, but mom was all "Let's go let's go pleeeeaassee!!" So in the end I did give in, but in return mom had to promise to buy me a paid account. >D
We had to wait to be seated for like half an hour, and mom started to regret her decision, but I was like "NO, you begged me to come here, so we're staying!" The inside was noisy, but was very beautiful with a Middle Eastern look. I took a few pictures later on. And when we finally got to eat...Mom's lamb was covered in this yogurt stuff so she didn't like it much, but I just got some simple chicken and rice and it was...really, really good. >) I brought some home to eat tomorrow~! Mwahaha.
So yaaaaay, now I'm just writing this and waiting for episode 15 to come on in half an hour, and then I have Monday off too so right now I am SO HAPPY. Good times! ^^
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