February 16th, 2005



Writer's Group was very quiet tonight. This one guy had a couple of poems, and I read my constellation myth from Astronomy that would go into my Masks of Destiny story at some point. And that was it. So I just talked to Ron, Jessi, and Victoria Lynn for the remaining hour.
Ron's fantasy story based off our Halloween costumes sounds really interesting so far, but the problem is he's lacking a goal for the quest. ^^; And he's made the sorceress (me) a princess, saver-of-the-world, and romantic interest for the stable boy character. OMG. XD;
Jessi looked really tired tonight. :( Apparently she spent the whole day in the hospital because her father went into surgery...best wishes!!
Oh yeah, I spent my $7 in cash on a Fullmetal Alchemist action figure thing they were selling at Borders. :D I only wanted Al so I looked for the heaviest box, and lo and behold, my money was not spent in vain! Yay for merchandise! ^^
But it's okay because mom says my otoshidama is around $100, so I should have enough for Katsucon.
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