February 2nd, 2005

Ashita he

Stupid bus...

So far this week I've been having horrible luck in getting to school. Yesterday, I slip on some ice and get a huge gash on my knee and my mom has to drive me to school because I miss the bus while tending to my wound. And now I'm limping. I did the exact same thing last year too. Today, I stand outside in below freezing temperatures for THIRTY MINUTES waiting for the bus without any gloves or warm shoes because I had been rushing (afraid to miss the bus again). Mom eventually drives me to school again and she gets to work an hour late. And this is the second time in TWO WEEKS that this has happened. What do these people get paid for?!?!
Ah, but I also have some good news, thankfully. I'm no longer failing at school! YIPPY! Turns out I got four A's, one B, and two C's for my midterms, boosting many of my grades. And here's what I have for the first semester, not that anyone cares:

Government- B
Desktop Publishing- A
Sociology- C+
French- C
Astronomy- B
Advanced Math- C
AP English- D

Yeah, there's still much room for improvement, but I'm so happy I might be able to graduate now. :) And we're making our own constellations in Astronomy, and have a new field trip in about two weeks! WOOHOO!
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Because the last post got too long and this is totally unrelated~

I want to grab one of these colorbars for Ed but I can't decide which one!! It's just...I love those insane grins he has in the manga...that evil genius side of him. I need a manga!colorbar that says "Edward Elric is Devious Love" or something. T_____T

And check this out. ming_ling, you are teh awesome. *_____* (I currently have On Wings of Hope on my desktop.)


EDIT 2: This screencap makes me giggle. XD
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