December 19th, 2004


FMA Dub Assessment

Up to now, I think the dub has been great. I've been very satisfied with the translation overall, and those few voices that I thought didn't fit, I've gotten used to.
Episode 7, however, would be its greatest test. And though it went well for the most part, it failed to do justice to one of the most important scenes in the series.
I am sorely disappointed.

In greater detail:

-Havoc is good; nice job, Mike.
-Scar is good, though I would have liked his voice a little deeper.
-Scieska is very good, almost like the original.
-Basque Grand is good, but who cares about him right?
-Some dialogue changes, but very appropriate and only added to the story.
-And then THAT scene came. Where's the emotion, Vic? He's missing the total anguish and rage that Paku Romi's performance had. What happened to you, Al?? You were my favorite in the dub so far, but here you sounded so...distant. And I don't like the line changes for the chimera. :( Maybe it's because I had this scene basically memorized in the original, with every line and sound etched into my mind, but it didn't have as great of an effect. Hopefully it worked for the new fans, though.
-Tucker, however, was good. :)
-...Okay, Vic did an okay job on the crying too.

Aaaand now I'm going to check out the responses on the Adult Swim board! >D
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Ashita he


Wow, we didn't get any snow until the middle of December. Very different from the past two years. But just in time for Christmas~!

Maybe we can get school off tomorrow? :D Then I can have time to watch my new Get Backers DVD~! (Yes, Keely, I just bought it today! XD)

And I have all my Christmas shopping done now. ^_^ (I still hate shopping with my mom, though...)

And now to catch up on the RPG!
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