December 11th, 2004

Ashita he


That's it. I am definetly borrowing that video on Adolescence from my Sociology teacher, because my mom really needs to see it.
The internet is my social life, okay? Cut me off from it and you mind as well isolate me from the world. Pathetic as that is, it's true.
Did she expect me to grow up without any sort of teenage rebellion at all? At least I'm not out having sex or doing drugs. She doesn't have to yell at me so much just because I like staying up late and closing the door, which is like the only time I ever get any privacy in my life.
I mean she whines about me never making my own choices but then gets mad whenever I do. Talk about contradiction.

And that's my bit of teenage angst for the day. Thank you and goodnight good afternoon.
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