December 10th, 2004

Ashita he

*plan plan plot plot*

Am at school. We're having a make-up day in Desktop Publishing, and as this is my one class where I have everything turned in, I am instead working on my French homework.
I've also started writing a drabble-like thing having to do with Nelly's Mysterious Past(TM), just so I could get back in the mood. I hope to finish it sometime today, though right now I don't know where it's heading. But yeah, I have something to read at Writer's Group next time I go! (Speaking of which, Justine- did you go to the last two meetings? If so, what did I miss?)
Anyway, here are my plans for the rest of the month:

-Try to finish Chapter 2 of Miracle Potion.
-Improve grades in Government, English, Sociology, and Math.
-Go back to Bryn Mawr for an interview (maybe next weekend?)
-Finish Christmas shopping (only have mom and dad left).
-During Winter Break, I must take a day or two entirely for reading, because I literally have a pile of unread magazines and the books on my shelf are collecting dust. :(

I don't know what I'm doing for Christmas. I might go to dad's house for one day, depending on what their plans are. Don't really care about getting a Christmas tree this year, seems too much of a hassle. :/
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