December 9th, 2004

Ashita he

Random Ramblings~

Stupid FMA, making me obsessed. Stupid RPG, taking over my life. ><

I don't expect anyone to read all this because it is mainly for my benefit. In the past couple of months my grades have dropped significantly, and I believe this is because I've lost sight of my goals. And I haven't written (or even thought about) my original stories in far too long, which is problematic.
SO! I've created a meme for myself so that I could retrace my steps and get back on the right track, because after all this is an important stage of my life and I REFUSE to succumb to Senioritis so early on dammit! >(
Oh, and on a less optimistic note, if I die young, you can all read this at my funeral. :D
And so:

Collapse )

That's it for now. I might add some more later, because I'm saving this in my Memories so I could always look back in case I need another reality-slap. Which would be often. D:
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