December 1st, 2004

Ashita he

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So we've been watching Contact in Astronomy class recently, and OMG I LOVE IT!!! I've seen the movie before, but that was when I was little and didn't understand enough of what was going on to truly appreciate it. I was like half asleep at the beginning of class, and by the end my blood was pumping and I was getting really into it. I kept muttering to myself the whole time "oh wow that is awesome" "grr I hate that guy" "how creepy..." "hey that's not fair!!" "...dude, TOO COOL!" and then when that terrorist guy blew up the space craft, I swear I was about to jump out of my chair screaming.
We're learning about aliens if you couldn't tell. :D My teacher used to be a UFO investigator, and the stories he would tell us...oh man, SO hilarious. XD
Anyway, this is the third movie I've seen in school this year that I've put on my nonexistant favorites list. The other two I saw in Sociology. :D (Rebel Without a Cause and Lord of the Flies, to be more specific.) And we saw a video about Mothers and Daughters today that made me tear up. *sniff*

I love Astronomy and Sociology. <3 If only my other classes were as fun and interesting~!