November 19th, 2004

Ashita he

Thank god it's Friday

I don't know whether to be pissed off or relieved.
In Sociology today, one of my group members didn't come again, and the one who did show up did NOT bring the video as promised. Instead, she said, "But I dressed up!" and took off her coat to reveal a slinky blue dress. "Sexy, eh?" she winked.
If I were more inclined to violence, I might have slapped her.
And so our presentation was pushed back again, which means we have until Tuesday to polish it up. Frankly, I'd rather just forget the whole thing and move on.
And THEN, in English, after stressing out over the essay all night and all morning, and rushing to finish it during lunch (is it strange that I can concentrate better in a noisy cafeteria than at home in front of a computer?), it turns out we have a substitute today. So no, we don't have to turn in our essay. And no, my group still didn't get to present our powerpoints.

So now I'm just relaxing and catching up on the RPG. I really need to make a post for Xellos; he's been planning something big and evil, but I'm not sure what. >< Other than that, I plan on going to bed early today and sleeping in tomorrow. I'd also like to finally watch my Wolf's Rain DVD and the DNAngel episode that came with the Newtype magazine. And catch up on several issues of Entertainment Weekly and Shounen Jump. AND THEN DO HOMEWORK AND READ WUTHERING HEIGHTS OMG!!!
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Ashita he


Oh, and by the way, remember that post I made a while ago regarding the news? Well look:

What did I tell you? W.T.F.