November 18th, 2004

Ashita he

I suck at school

Sociology not going well. Which pisses me off, because it's one of my favorite classes this year. Our presentation on Alice in Wonderland was due yesterday, but my group has major contact issues and we have nothing done and I was the only one to come that day anyway. And now we have to make it up tomorrow but we still haven't gotten together and I have no idea what the hell is going on. And I don't give a crap about Alice in Wonderland.
Math not going well. The substitute has finally left, but now I'm generally confused about everything and am failing quizzes and tests.
Government not going well. Me, a Campaign Manager? HA. I don't care about politics, and how am I supposed to know what to do about healthcare? I'd like to leave these issues to people who actually understand them.
English not going well AT ALL. The next journal entry for Wuthering Heights is due before Thanksgiving and I'm 100 pages behind schedule. Two take-home essays came and went and I never did finish writing them. I hate these essays. It's so damn hard to concentrate at home with just a blank screen in front of you. And tomorrow we have an essay due for a test grade and here I am with not one word on my page.
How the hell do they expect me to write a decent essay with only 7 hours of sleep in the past two days anyway? Sometimes when I actually do have time to work on stuff, I'm too tired to make any progress. And it's not like RPing is a priority anymore either, I only just manage to keep up with it and even bother doing so because I need some kind of fantasy in my life to keep me sane, especially when I have no time for reading, writing, or watching anime.
I don't understand how I've become so busy all of a sudden. And I still need to get my transcript to Bryn Mawr and go back for an interview and register for the SAT II and HOLY SHIT Thanksgiving is next week isn't it?!?! WTF!!

...I should stop ranting and start writing. If I can.
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