November 14th, 2004



I am happy with the FMA dub so far. ^_^ Today's translation was surprisingly accurate. Just some random things:

-Cornello rules
-Al called Ed "Brother" several times
-They kept Kain's name
-They pronounced it "Resembool"
-Mentioned "automail"
-Ed: "My skillz don't come from a pocketwatch!"
-I just LOVE how they translated Ed's "Stand up and walk, move forward. You have mighty legs" speech! <3
-Am loving Lust!
-Gluttony sounds like Eigor or something -_-
-Kesenai Tsumi! W00T!
-I'm still utterly thrilled by the fact that I can watch this on TV!

Aaaaannnd now for a Desktop Update: Rainy day.
I'd had that Fishing background for quite a while. And YES, I've begun reading canon-based Ed/Winry fics now. ARGH! >
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