November 4th, 2004

Ashita he


Mom and I: *watching the news*
Newscaster: "Today in Denmark, there was a fire in a fireworks factory..."
TV: *thousands of colorful chaotic explosions lighting up the night sky*
Mom and I: :O!!
Newscaster: "One fireman was killed, many homes damaged..."
Me: "Wow...I guess those things really do happen."

Later on...

Mom and I: *watching the news*
Newscaster: "A man in Taiwan was attacked by a lion..."
TV: *a lion mawls a man in its pen*
Mom and I: "OMG!!!"
Newscaster: "Apparently he was trying to convert the lion to Christianity. He is screaming something about Jesus right now, but his words did not translate to the lion..."
Mom and I: "WHAT?" O_O


The world has gone insane.
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