November 2nd, 2004

Ashita he

Yay no school!

I'm not really into politics and it's not like I'm voting anyway (about 8 months until I can), so I'm just going to watch the news and not waste this precious day.

-Eat waffles
-Watch Bleach ep. 4
-Take a shower
-Work on powerpoint for Astronomy
-Once I get bored with that, go write "The Alchemists Are Coming!" with chalk on the street outside
-Read Wuthering Heights OMG journal due this Thursday!!!
-If there's still time, watch my new Wolf's Rain DVD

In other news, I may have convinced my mom to vote for Nader. Oops? xD

Update: DAMN RPG IS CUTTING INTO MY FREE TIME!!! But Xellos is just so fun!
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Ashita he

Re: Bleach ep. 4

Oh wow that was good! MUCH better. :) I jumped, cheered, laughed, and shuddered. Rukia rules. And that parakeet baffles me in having the ability to be cute and creepy at the same time. ^_^
And now I find myself singing the Ending song...

Will be looking forward to the next one!

(Grand Fisher- I think that's its name- still makes me giggle. I'm sure Chafurin is really trying to sound evil there, but I can't help it! XD)

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