October 6th, 2004


Desktop Update and seasonal sap

Tobira no Mukou he

Now that its gotten so frickin' cold out, it's time for me to bring my hair down from a ponytail and start wearing my black sweater. I am adapting to my environment.
I love Autumn. I love its silent, calm, cool beauty. The wind has a different feel to it. *happy sigh~~*
I wanted to celebrate it, so I wrote a short poem/drabble/vignette thing, incorporating Full Metal Alchemist of course. I don't think I'm going to finish "Proper Learning" any time soon, but I still want to do something for Don't Forget Day (though I'm a few days late by now). It basically describes the scene from episode 17/chapter 9 when Ed goes to visit his mother's grave (I'm assuming it's in Autumn or early winter, since he has his birthday in episode 23, which has been estimated to be sometime in January). That image has always stuck out to me for some reason- Ed doesn't say anything, he just stands there, and yet it's so heartbreaking.
It contains no spoilers, though it might not make much sense unless you're familiar with the series (tons of hidden meanings and interpretations). So yeah, here it is:
Collapse )
And I'm including images, because I'm a dork!
From the 1st Ending, "Kesenai Tsumi."
Ed when he first comes up with his 'idea'...
From episode 17.
From chapter 9 of the manga- I love his eyes here.
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