September 21st, 2004


school rants

Something really stupid happened with the bus this morning. This truck cut us off, and Mr. Bill slammed on the brakes HARD, then made a huge deal about it, even calling HQ. We were parked in the middle of the street, only a few yards from the school. Everyone had to sign a clipboard, and we transfered to another bus which had to make a loooong detour for us to finally come back. Needless to say, I only just got to 1st period in time, when I was supposed to meet with Aya and Kathreen to plan our English presentation which is due TOMORROW OMFG WHAT AM I GOING TO DO.
Mr. Bill needs to learn how to drive. Seriously. This is the fourth year he's driven for us, and he hasn't improved one bit.
Also, my Astronomy class has taken a swift nosedive from the best class of the year to the worst. Everything was fine and dandy while our teacher was there, but since the third class, all we've had is substitutes. BAD substitutes. The old lady from last year's Chemistry taught for us first, and I still think she should retire because her voice doesn't carry at all and makes you want to SLEEP.
But at least she knows what she's talking about- the substitute for the past two classes doesn't know the material any better than the rest of us, and all he does is read the power points word for word then leave us to do whatever. And since the stuff we're doing right now involves calculating light years and junk, it's not helping one bit.
It's so ironic- our teacher kept emphasizing how we're going to have a different learning experience ("My goal is to take you out of the classroom and into the stars!"), then everything after that completely nullifies what he's said. God, I hope he's back tomorrow.
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Ashita he

I'm such a dork

I've been having trouble concentrating at school because I can't stop thinking about FMA. Maybe the fact that there's only two more episodes left has finally dawned on me, and I'm going into panic!obsessive mode.
I even wrote a short crack!fic yesterday. I'm so mean to Ed.
And after staring at my calendar far longer than needed, I've decided that the first weekend of October is my official Full Metal Weekend. Final episode on Saturday, and Sunday is October 3rd. You know, "Don't forget 3.Oct.10" and all...
I'm going to try and finish everything school related beforehand so I can bawl my eyes out as much as I wish. I hear the ending is going to be sad and unexpected. *gulp*
In other news, this is my new favorite picture. It's from the latest episode. Ed is so cool. I'm really loving his new look! <3
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