August 20th, 2004

Ashita he

glad that's over with

I think I've fully recovered from my angst-athon now, thank goodness. Not much else has happened. My aunt sent me some new FMA and Detective Conan manga. And I've discovered that I only make progress when I'm procrastinating.
Does that make sense? It's just that whenever I'm supposed to be studying (or in this case, catching up on summer reading), I end up writing. And when I'm supposed to be writing, I'm daydreaming about some other possible story. And when my mom says she's taking me to check out some golf clubs, I flip back to my summer reading. In other words, I get the most work done when I'm not supposed to.
This is bad. I'm getting predictable. But perhaps I can use this to my advantage...?
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Ashita he

my subconsious is f*&^ed up

I had a dream a snake saved my life. I dreamed of other things too, like a bunch of fish eating each other and spewing out sharks, and an alien and a mummy becoming best friends and starring in the Simpsons movie, but the snake sticks out most in my mind.
Y'see, in the dream I'm living in this big city (I dunno why, I hate cities), and there's going to be this huge flood(I forgot the reason), and so I'm running to my neighbor's house, because they have this enormous high tech water proof shelter as big as an office building. On the way, I nearly trip over a viper (it was called a viper in my dream, I dunno why, but anyway it was a scary venomous snake). So now I'm in danger of getting bitten by the snake AND drowning, when suddenly- little Hebi-chan comes to the rescue! She was this cute, tiny little thing with turquoise green and bright blue scales, and she confronted the viper. They circled each other, then became still. Then in an instant, the viper shot out and SANK its fangs into little Hebi-chan's skin!
I remember screaming NOOOOO and crying, and suddenly the viper just disappeared, and I was left cradling Hebi-chan's spasming body in my hands as she died. The tragedy! And since the flood was coming, I didn't have much time to give her a decent funeral, so I chose this big flower bed nearby and dug a hole and buried her, and it killed me because I didn't know if the flood would wash her away ANYWAY, but I had no CHOICE, and I felt so GUILTY and loved my little Hebi-chan so much- but then the flood started to come and I rushed into the office building/shelter just in time.
I don't know what this dream is supposed to mean, but I just want to say: Thank you, Hebi-chan, for your sacrifice. I don't know who you are, or why you did it, but it meant a lot to me. Thank you.
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