July 29th, 2004

Ashita he


The workshop went well. Not many people came though, which can either be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. I'm just glad I managed to get my part done in time. ><
Oh, and Justine, if you're reading this, Jessie asked us to bring the extra copies next time to give to anyone who wants them (especially Judy, since she doesn't know about fantasy).

So now I'm sitting here, bored, waiting for Detective Conan to come on. Just finished watching Iron Chef. Never had duck before, but still, *drooool*.
Even though I have cable now, I haven't been watching much TV. Well, of course I've been watching Adult Swim every day except for Sunday. Such a great program. Since I started watching, I've become a fan of Trigun, Lupin the 3rd, Family Guy, and Futurama. And I get to watch Conan for free everyday! :D I haven't seen the early episodes in nearly 4 years, so it's kind of refreshing. The dub isn't so bad, once I got used to the name changes. I'm thrilled how they keep all the cases intact. Awesome.
I don't know what I'm going to do once school starts. My mom won't have me staying up until 1 in the morning just to watch Conan. If only it didn't come on so late. -_-
I've been looking around at old Slayers websites. I found this site with background info about the series with spells, magic incantations, screenshots of the spells being cast, diagrams about the world and races, a chart of the Mazoku hierarchy...all sorts of neat stuff. I printed out the chart thing because it looked cool, and used it as a cover sheet for the workshop. XD
Link found here
Also very useful are the summaries for the anime episodes, since I never did finish collecting them. I think I'll start rewatching my videos now, before summer is over. I could always use a laugh.
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