July 27th, 2004

Ashita he


James Madison was meh. The dorms were kind of icky, but the food was good. The campus was huge. I don't particularly like the idea of taking a bus just to get to my next class. And it's in a rural area...really, I'm just not the country type. It's just like the city- it's nice for a visit, but would I like to LIVE there? NO FREAKIN' WAY. Suburban is the way to go.
In other news, I've realized I just don't have time to make the Trisha costume. I'll be busy tomorrow and on Wednesday, leaving me only two days before Otakon. So, since my mom backed out of the cosplay thing at the last second, I've decided that I'll go as Izumi sensei instead.
Which is alright, I guess, except that I really think my mom fits her better. I mean, this would be me: "Ano...etto...Touka Koukan no Gensoku wa..."
And this would be my mom: "KONO BAKA DESHI DOMO!" *Thwack!*
*sigh* But still, I'm really looking forward to Otakon. It looks like FUNimation is planning a lot of FMA events for us fans! WHEE!
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Ashita he

ahh, memories

Some more interesting finds while researching. To read later:

So while doing some quick research for the Fantasy workshop tomorrow (I feel so bad, I'm making Justine do all the work! ><) I suddenly got the urge to listen to some Slayers music. So I went and dug out my poor, dusty, neglected CD's and put them on.
Argh, if only the Slayers novels could be translated quicker, I'd like to add them to my favorite fantasy book list! For a few years, I literally avoided the fantasy genre, and I only recently got back into it thanks to three things: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Slayers.
Because even if I like it, even if I WRITE it, fantasy isn't my favorite book genre, and I'm not exactly an expert on it. My 'influences' come from elsewhere. Like my recent Nelly story is influenced by Full Metal Alchemist, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, and The Hound of the Baskervilles- which is kind of an odd mix. And my hardcore fantasy book is mostly based on my hardcore love for ancient history- I first came up with the idea when watching a video about ancient temples in 8th grade history class. So while I've gotten used to it, I don't really like being called a fantasy writer, even if I am one. It just feels kind of stifling.
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And now that I've finished procrastinating yet again, I really must get back to work.
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nuances of time

Tracey wants to see Catwoman. O_O WTF.

My poem was critiqued today at class. It was an okay response I guess. Some people understood what I was getting at, but others...come on, not every poem has to be about death. And I know it was severely lacking in imagery, but I have no idea how I'm going to incorporate that into the poem. And they want details. Okay, but umm...some of those 'details' are very personal. I've already had a bad experience telling someone about it. And that's not what the poem's about. So I'm still feeling kind of lost about the whole thing. -_-
The letter to a publisher thing is next week. Holy shit. I don't know how the hell I'm going to handle that.
The workshop is tomorrow. HOLY SHIT.
Otakon is 3 days away. I'm feeling kinda nervous, excited, and jumpy about that.
Sometimes I'd like to take a knife to time, just stab it down so that it would stay still and take a breather once in a while. It works way too hard, and is leaving me behind.
Come back! COME BACK!
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