July 25th, 2004

Ashita he


So I wake up this afternoon, and we're all like WTF because the tour at James Madison University is supposed to be tomorrow but we haven't recieved conformation yet. So we go on the internet and find the phone number and stuff like that.
Then my mom says she wants to go to the hospital to get some medicine for that damn cough she's had for the past two weeks. So I bring my Creative Writing packet and go. We get there at around 3:40. We wait until 6:30. We get pissed off and leave. We didn't even get to see the damn X-ray. Emergency Room my butt, they make you wait the whole day just to figure out what's wrong with you. (Incidentally, my mom said she started feeling a little better.)
After that, I was starving since the only thing I had to eat the whole day was a bowl of cereal. So we went to eat. Then we went to buy some food. Then we come back home AT LAST. Then we spend about 2 hours looking up more colleges in Virginia.
No new FMA to cheer me up. :(
Tomorrow I have to wake up early to go to James Madison (I don't know what the hell is going on with that, but we're going anyway.) Sorry Justine, I'll have to work on the workshop thing after I get home tomorrow. ><
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