July 19th, 2004

Ashita he

argh...plot holes

Okay, I'm having trouble just starting on the 2nd chapter. Why? Because I never really thought the whole flying carpet thing through until now.
Just how in the hell does Dzader steer the damn thing? How does he hold on? How does he navigate? How does it support his (and Nelly's) weight? Wouldn't he need goggles or something to even see where he's going?
I'm not going to get anywhere before figuring some of these things out. And I don't think research will do anything to help in this case. I just need plain old imagination and bs-ing. Not everything can be passed off as 'magic,' after all.
*sigh* And it looked so simple in the Aladdin movie...
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Ashita he

problem solved!

For some reason, showers always help me come up with new ideas. I guess it's because there aren't that many distractions, which gives me time to think. Anticipating this, I took a notepad and pen with me into the bathroom, and voila! I've found a solution to my flying carpet dilemma.
All I had to do was compare it to a glider, or a surf board. What's left after that is to make up some basic 'rules,' going by magical logic (which is actually an oxymoron, but who cares). For example, the carpet cannot fly upside down, or else the rider would fall off. It can be in only one of three states at a time: off mode, flying mode, or standby mode. These can be activated and deactivated by snapping one's fingers or whistling (the whistle does not have to be heard, since the carpet has no ears).
I also made a list of everything Dzader carries in his rucksack. Sadly, most of these items will not be featured in the actual story, but it still helps me to know, just for clarification.
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Hmmmm, that sack must be quite heavy. ^_^;
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