July 5th, 2004


oh, the irony

So came to dad's house yesterday. Then went to Sierra & Michael's house. Played Quidditch World Cup on the GameCube. Won every time, despite not having played it before. XD I am da masta Seeker.
Then we went to Old Town Manassas to see the fireworks. Just as the show started, it began to rain. Sierra hogged the damn umbrella, so half of my body was completely soaked. The traffic afterwards was ridiculous. So unorganized. But otherwise, July 4th was fun.
Today my dad took me to see Spiderman 2. It was a good movie. Lot's of cliche's and cheesy scenes that made me roll my eyes countless times, but overall, I liked it. X-Men 2 still takes the spot of my most favorite superhero movie, though.
Apparently a neighbor invited us over for dinner, so I'm thinking of watching Kino's Journey or Wolf's Rain on my dad's big screen until then. Oh yeah, and I stayed up late reading the 7th Kino novel last night. I couldn't wait to read through all the other books before I had to spoil myself. -_-
But anyway, the Prologue and Epilogue of that book was AMAZING. It's basically the story of the beginning and end of Kino's journey, and Kino meeting the 'first' Kino's mother. I'm definetely writing a summary of those as soon as I get home. And I'm so proud, I understood almost all of it without getting any help whatsoever. ^_^
*gives Kino a hug- because she REALLY needs it*
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