July 2nd, 2004


writing projects

You know, when I start to think about it...episode 4 of Kino's Journey and the beginning of my story are a lot alike. There's a girl living in an isolated town, with no real choices in her future, then a traveler visits, and she sets out on a journey to the outside world.
Young!Kino and Kyra even look alike. Long black hair, and a dress (though in my mind I see Kyra wearing a navy bluish-dress). I hope people don't accuse me of plagiarizing someday. O_O The only real proof I have is that I came up with the idea for my story some two to three years before I even knew Kino existed.
Anyway, it is now the second of July. I've missed the deadline for the Writer's of the Future contest. I guess it's not too surprising, considering how busy I was during the past five months. In fact, I still haven't decided what story to write for the contest. I had lot's of ideas, but I couldn't decide which one would be best. I'll have to try for the next contest in the fall. And if I work hard enough, I MIGHT make it for the Chinn Park Library contest (note to self: get more info).
I read the first half of Chapter 9 at Writer's Group on Wednesday, and the general response was "excellent." Which is encouraging, since I'd been worried that all the magic stuff might get boring or confusing. Now I've gotta work on the rest of Chapter 9. Argh, I feel so lazy~~~!
I'm also contemplating writing a few Kino fanfics. I have about five ideas so far, including one AU story based on a short scene from episode 9 (Land of Books). I'll have to get started on these quickly, or I might lose interest and never finish them (like my Pokemon and Detective Conan fics) or never start on them at all (like my ideas for Hikaru no Go fics).
Plus I have to make plans for college visits and possibly make a costume for Otakon (more on that later). *sigh* It's summer break, so why am I SO DARN BUSY?!
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very random

I just saw the coolest show on Nickelodeon. Danny Phantom. XD
I was flipping through the channels, bored, and came across it. The animation strongly resembles Faily Odd Parents, which kind of turned me off at first, but then I stuck around for a couple of minutes and grew to like it.
Some quotes:

Danny: "Ow! My...ghost leg!"

Ghost girl: *turns into dragon* "I WANT TO GO TO THE BALL!!!"
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