June 18th, 2004

Ashita he

celebrating at 1 in the morning

I just finished writing the summary for Kino chapter 5, and looked at the clock to discover that I've turned 17.
Now I'm going to read some more FMA manga, then maybe go to bed before dawn. Second day of summer break and I'm already becoming nocturnal. Excellent...
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more fangirling

The song "UNDO" is stuck in my head and refuses to get out.  Shockingly, I think it's starting to replace "Ready Steady GO" as my favorite FMA opening.  Sure, the singer sounds like Kermit the frog, but it has a catchy tune, the opening footage ROCKS, it's easy to sing to, and the lyrics...omigosh the lyrics...are so beautiful.  I get tears in my eyes when I sing them.  And they fit the series so much more than the other openings!  So here's my pathetic attempt at translating some, with the aid of the fansubs:

Far away...far away...lie our feelings

If we could only return to when we were able to laugh with innocence

It was broken into pieces

like a work of glass

I am collecting the shards of my memories

You only realize what's important to you...

after you have lost it

Please...please...stop the time

Please carve your image into my chest

If...if...it is allowed

I can sacrifice everything

to see that smile again

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    "UNDO" from FMA
Ashita he


So, it's been a rather productive day of downloading FMA music videos and making Kino icons. My mom and I just watched The Ghost and the Darkness for the first time in years. Love that movie. I gotta go see those lions sometime. Next time I'm in Chicago...
So now I'm going to my dad's house. Gonna stay overnight tomorrow too. Maybe I can catch an episode of Wolf's Rain. I think I'll bring Rachel another Card Captor Sakura video too. ^^
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